Funkshion Fashion Week “Haiti A La Mode” Summer Edition 2012

logoThe more I speculate our reality the more I realize we’ve come a long way. Thanks to pioneers in the industry Haiti has its imprint in the international fashion realm. Through its beginnings in 2010 in Funkshion fashion week it has been considered the norm to include Haitian designers and their art in such prestigious show. Read the entire article here.

Kreyolicious Article

992952_10200498125868502_1353117823_nI was contacted by for an interview. Being so accustomed to writing the articles as a Journalist for the Haitian Music Industry, Kreyolicious flipped the script on me and after months and months, we finally made it happen and I sat down for an interview with Kat from Keyolicious. I’d like to share this very in-depth article and Q & A with you. I am so humbled! Enjoy.

Myself & the Hon. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

Myself & the Hon. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Congresswoman Florida 27th District); Cheryl Little (Executive Director & Founder of AI Justice) Hon. Rosemary Barquett (Federal Judge on the US Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit) attend the AI Justice dinner at the Intercontinental Miami on 3/7/2013

I met Mayor Julian Castro

On 3/7/2013, I met the Mayor of my former hometown of San Antonio (Texas) Julian Castro! I also met Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, CNN GOP Political analyst Ana Navarro & Florida Congressman Joe Garcia (26th District) while attending the American for Immigrant Justice annual dinner at the Intercontinental Miami.


Photoshoot with John Fisher

I updated my portfolio by doing an exciting Photoshoot with world renowned Photographer John Fisher.

The entire Photoshoot took place in South Beach, Florida in October 2011. Here is a sample of the pics I selected to be part of my portfolio.

My Full page spreadsheet in Caribbean Network magazine!

I was published in the Oct 2009 issue of Caribbean Network Magazine.
Noticed I used the word published? I just found out from my agent and
photographer that very few models ever get published meaning a full
page spread with text and credit. Getting published and getting
featured are two different things. See I learned something new. I’m
super excited about that So first and foremost I would love to thank
the Editor In chief of Caribbean Network magazine for selecting me and
everyone else who made this possible. I am representing Haiti along
with other beautiful caribbean beauties and that’s hot! If you have an
issue that’s me on page 58.

My 40th Birthday!

I had a wonderful birthday!  Thanks to all my friends for being  part of my life!

Enjoy the video and photos from my party!


Stephane Achille’s 40th Birthday Bash from Alfred Gatson III on Vimeo.


My Hopes and Dreams…

It has been a wonderful and exhilarating ride! Most of you may not know this but I will be 39 soon! Next year is the big 40… My dream is to continue to model and act as long as it is tastefully done however my career as a Nurse is my passion and calling. My hopes and dreams are to get married and have a family. When that day comes you will know.


My Spirituality……

Is everything to me. When the world turns its back on you and you feel all alone remember that you and God equals one million! God always protects and provides for his children and cast all you burdens onto him and let his loving hands take care of you. He will fight your battles for you so you don’t have to. So my job is easy; All I have to do is sit and look pretty and let our heavenly father put together his celestial plans in your life. I’d like to thank my pastor Frantz Cadet of Omega Ministries one of my biggest support systems.


Downside to Glamorous Life?

There must be some downside to this glamorous life!

Oh yes! Now when I go out which is seldom I am undeniably approached by people who introduce themselves as my facebook friends or my myspace friends! It’s very flattering but they seem to know me really well and it is quite worrisome at times because I don’t want to appear rude after all my fans have made me who I am. You lose your sense of privacy But Glamour I wouldn’t use that word. I lead a normal life. Undoubtedly there is envy and jealousy: 2 deadly sins and when it’s ugly tail makes way into my life I just run the other way because there is no going around that. I lead a private life and try not to buy into the hype and just really enjoy my success within. I always try to help others achieve their maximum potential and live their dreams. We have one life to live and we better make it a good one! Not everyone will agree with your creative ideas and I don’t expect them to. But I always encourage people to nurture and discover their artistic side and document their lives in pictures and motion picture because we are all intellectuals! That’s a great way to leave your legacy behind. I believe that and I live it.