Your Eyebrows are Perfect!

Yes indeed they are and I am truly blessed! Between Threading and waxing I keep them perfectly done at all times…Well I slack off every now and then but for the most part I get them done every 2 weeks. My eyebrow people would like you to know that even if they do your eyebrows they cannot turn out like Stephane’s! Well said you can only look like yourself and if everyone looked like Stephane what a boring world this would be.


Did You Ever Have Plastic Surgery?

No. Everything about my appearance is a 100% natural. I don’t have breast implants. I have never had any kind of cosmetic surgery. I don’t even have a relaxer. My hair is not processed and I don’t have a weave or hair extensions. I don’t have acrylic nails either. But I wax my legs and eyebrows and take exquisite care of myself. Except I still haven’t hit the gym like I promised myself but I will! You guys are really nosy but I love you.