Peace Love International, INC (Sponsor a Child Program) Foundation Sens Universel

Peace Love International is a non for profit organization created by
Anedie Azael our Reigning Miss Haiti Universe 2011. Anedie started a
program called the sponsor a child program. One of the orphanages that
she supports financially and emotionally is called FONDATION SENS
UNIVERSEL. This orphanage has 55 children and is located in Delmas 48
in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and the name of the orphanage is of course
Foundation Sens Universel. Miss Haiti Universe 2011 Anedie Azael, a
great humanitarian, is the person who brought awareness to this
orphanage through her website and I decided to sponsor a child through
her program. Her name is Rosemita Dorce and she is 4 years old. Today
my friend Rudy Riviere who lives in Haiti stopped by the orphanage at
my request and sent me these wonderful pictures of Rosemita and some
of the other children. On the day Rudy visited Rosemita had a cold and
was in urgent need of medical care. Miss Haiti Anedie was notified and
Rosemita received the care she needed.
After the devastating quake of January 2010 many children in Haiti
where left without parents and some just could not care for their
children due to extreme poverty. At the wake for this tragedy emerged
a population of orphaned children.
The children are in serious need of basic things such as clothing,
food, water and even a bed to sleep on. You can sponsor a child also
and be part of the solution and improvement of our beloved Haiti. This
is an urgent call to action and rest assured that your hard earned
money will be used towards the care of a child living in an orphanage.
If you would like to donate, please make a deposit to:

Peace Love International, INC
acct # 2290 3681 1853
B of A Bay Point Banking Center
or send a check or money order to
Visit for more info about sponsoring a child

Here are the Pictures Rudy Riviere captured on his visit to the
orphanage on 11/24/2011