The 2nd Annual Invest in Haiti Economic Forum held at Karibe Hotel in Haiti

On Nov 29th & 30th 2011, I attended the Invest in Haiti Forum which
took place at the luxurious Karibe Hotel in Petion-Ville, Haiti. This
economic forum was put together by the IDB, the Clinton Foundation
with the collaboration of the Government of Haiti. They invited close
to 500 foreign investors to Haiti to exchange ideas and choose Haiti
as a destination for tourism or a place to do business just like any
other country. Investors in the tourism industry, Textile/Apparel,
Infrastructure and Solar/Alternative power where encouraged to submit
ideas and invest in Haiti. I supported this initiative and hope Haiti

Here are pictures I captured of this historical event:

Here is a clip I captured of the President of Haiti making his grand
entrance at the Tourism portion of the Forum:

Be sure to check out my Youtube Channel: Tifalajoie for more clips of
the 2nd annual Invest in Haiti Forum: