Downside to Glamorous Life?

There must be some downside to this glamorous life!

Oh yes! Now when I go out which is seldom I am undeniably approached by people who introduce themselves as my facebook friends or my myspace friends! It’s very flattering but they seem to know me really well and it is quite worrisome at times because I don’t want to appear rude after all my fans have made me who I am. You lose your sense of privacy But Glamour I wouldn’t use that word. I lead a normal life. Undoubtedly there is envy and jealousy: 2 deadly sins and when it’s ugly tail makes way into my life I just run the other way because there is no going around that. I lead a private life and try not to buy into the hype and just really enjoy my success within. I always try to help others achieve their maximum potential and live their dreams. We have one life to live and we better make it a good one! Not everyone will agree with your creative ideas and I don’t expect them to. But I always encourage people to nurture and discover their artistic side and document their lives in pictures and motion picture because we are all intellectuals! That’s a great way to leave your legacy behind. I believe that and I live it.