Help Haiti

Two of my favorite family members modeling for the children of Jacmel, Haiti (Thanks Aya and Ree)

This is a call to action for us to make a difference for a grassroot organization who decided that THEY not anyone else needed to take iniatiative to make a better life for themselves in Jacmel. They call themselves Kombit Ayisyen pou la vi miyo (Kalmit) founded in 2/12/2005. Here is the link to their website: Haitian Health Allies have partnered up with Kalmit to provide for the families that take care of orphans left behind after the natural disaster of the Jan 12th quake and for orphans left behind after losing their caregivers to HIV/AIDS.

$25/month takes care of a whole entire family and my birthday wish is to raise $500 for the already established organization of kalmit. Now that we have a new President who has zero tolerance for corruption we can start right now to make a difference in the lives of our fellow Haitian people. I believe in grassroot groups and funding an already established group making a difference. Go to Jacmel. Visit for yourself and decide. If you don’t have an organization make this one your baby.

Unfortunately the main website of Haitian Health Allies is down due to funding issues but the organization is still alive but struggling. Even the Youtube video has some technical difficulties. Please bear with us. Our call for action could not be so urgently needed as right now. The organization Haitian Health Allies was co-founded by my first cousin Dr Florence Shadlen MD (Her mother Tante Laure and My Mother Elsie are sisters). Here is Dr Florence Shadlen in the Video about the cause you are supporting:

Please join us and fight the institutionalization of our children. No more orphanages but rather let us find suitable families that will care for these vulnerable children in a home like atmosphere.

Here is how you can securely donate: (SPECIFY THAT YOU ARE DONATING TO THE JACMEL Haitian Health Allies FUND on Behalf of Stephane Achille RN or Dr. Florence Shadlen MD). If not Rest assured your donation will go to the general fund to assist the efforts already in place. Your money will be put to good use no matter how small. I want you to be well informed and I hope you are and feel comfortable with my cause and make it your cause.

Like me, I hope Dr Florence has inspired you to action to make your own fundraising efforts on behalf of Haitian Health Allies in coalition with KALMIT in Jacmel, Haiti

Thank you for you generous support,

Stephane Achille