Stephane Achille

Stephane Achille is a full time Registered Nurse in South Florida who
is very involved in her community and works diligently at promoting a
positive image for women everywhere especially Haitian professional
women. She uses her spare time to help others and most importantly to
bring awareness to causes that help improve the image of her native
country of Haiti.

Stephane is a great communicator and prides herself at her ability to
bring people together and to interact with people at every level with
her genuine self and deep compassion.

Stephane comes from a generation of great Humanitarians and public
servants. Her Grandmother Madeleine Perez Bauduy who raised her, was
the Mayor of Jacmel, the second largest city in Haiti, for almost 40
years. Stephane was taught to respect everyone’s decisions and
especially their religion from an early age and grew up to be a very
outspoken young lady and stark advocate of free speech and freedom of
expression. Above all she watched her Grand-Mother serve her community
tirelessly and has vowed to continue her legacy.

One of the most amazing life lessons she learned is not to focus so
much on the conduct of others but rather to help them become a better
version of themselves all the while remaining their authentic self.
“We as human beings need people of all beliefs and all backgrounds and
especially of all life experiences to give us input because
collectively they will help us to reach places we would have otherwise
never seen in our lifetime”. Stephane also believes that instead of
criticizing, we should offer ourselves in service to others.
Stephane’s words are so powerful and prolific in that she walks the
walk and talks the talk meaning she doesn’t approach only the safe
zones of life but rather immerses herself literally in service to
others at the risk of destroying her own self sometimes; A trait so
rare she is considered a relic of her time. Ask anyone and they will
tell you that Stephane will not give up on a task until the job is

Stephane remarks: “ I consider myself a huge spotlight and I basically
shine a big light unto all projects that I think the entire world
should know about” Stephane has represented Haiti as a Caribbean
Beauty/Model, Spokesperson, Contributing Writer and Member of
Reputable Media Outlets. She is a figure and staple of our community
and uses her diverse talents to continue to represent Haiti with style
and elegance.

Stephane created this website to share her life with you and invites
you to read her blogs and look through her pictures which are
priceless to her. She invites you to join her in her journey through
life and welcomes your comments. She dedicates this website to her
family and friends throughout the world who have contributed to her
evolution and to whom she has vowed to always remain herself.

We promise that you are going to love this website (Especially the
pictures) and invite you to join Stephane on Facebook and Follow her
on Twitter.

If you would like to contact Stephane please use the Contact link and
her representatives will reply to you within 24-48 hours.